Herringbone Systems

Legend herringbone milking system is a popular type of parlours for small to middle size herd. The design enables efficient milking in a stress free environment for the cows and operators 

Animal positioning offers a good view of the cows and easy access to the udder.

Legend herringbone stall cnstruction:

30º herringbone stall construction especially design for good cow and cluster positioning.

  • Heavy duty hot galvanized stall construction, designed to last.
  • Galvanized or stainless steel pit edge and splashguard for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable breast rail for maximum cow comfort
  • Manual or vacuum control entry and exit gate

Legend swing-over Herringbone Parlour

Swing-over herringbone parlour is a cost effective system as compared to traditional herringbone system. The system is installed in a highline position in the centre of the parlour. Each cluster is shared between two stalls, one on each side of the parlour.  

All Legend herringbone parlours can be equipped with:

 Recorder jars

  •  Automatic take-offs
  •  Herd management system
  •  Cow Identification system