New Product --LPT 400 Portable Take Off

The LPT400 Portable Take Off unit is specially designed for portable milking.  The whole unit consists of 

a.     LT22 control panel for pulsation and take off control including massage function

b.     Take off Cylinder and shut off valve

c.      Electronic pulsator LPC330

d.     Control valve LPC330

The assembled unit is mounted on a support with hanging hook.   All it takes is to attach a milking cluster, plug in to a power source and connect to the vacuum to start milking.

Newly installed Legend Parallel Parlour

Zhong Wei Run Hou Yuan farm starts using their newest Legend 2x30 Parallel milking parlour late October 2016.  The 2000 cows farm is located in the Tengger Desert covering an area of 25 hectare. The Legend Milking parlour is equipped with take-offs, milkmeters and farm management software.  This milking parlour is a basement installation with the pulsators and milkmeters installed under the pit making it much quieter in the milking pit. Cleaning and maintenance is easier and efficient in the more ergonomic environment.



Legend participated in Agricultural Seminar in Curitiba, Brazil

The Embassy of Sweden and Business Sweden together with Sistema Ocepar and the Holstein association In Brazil  invited Legend together with other Swedish companies and Agriculture experts to hold an important seminar on October 29th  in Curitiba, Brazil.  The goal of the event was to provide insight to the Brazilian farmers for improved farm productivity.  The event was well attended by 35 enthusiastic participants.

Legend is exhibiting at Elmia 2015. Come and visit us at Booth A02:05 between October 20th-24th

Legend Present at the International Fair Agroexpo 2015 in Bogota, Colombia.


Industry Breakthrough - Egypt


Heat Detection Presentation in Chile

Together with our dealer Copeval, Ulf Jaern and Laura Vargas presented the benefits of Legend heat detection and herd management systems during three different seminars in Puerto Varas, Osorno and Valdivia during the last week in July. There were close to 500 participants to the seminars and many appreciated the opportunity to understand how heat detection and herd management system can help their farms to be more profitable.

Farmers' Meeting In Jalisco

On February 16, 2014, Legend conducted a farmers’ meeting for the farmers in Jalisco, a Mexican State which has dairy farming as a high priority in its economy development. The participants expressed high interest in Legend’s heat detection and management system to improve their management practices and animal health.


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