Heat Detection

An accurate heat detection program leads to higher pregnancy rates. Higher pregnancy rates result in more pregnant cows, fewer days open and more profitability for the dairy.  The Legend Heat Detection system is a radio-telemetric automated heat detection system that records activities of cows ten times per hour, and transmit high resolution data to the Legend Breed software via a receiver.

The Legend Heat Detection System consists of three main components:


  1. Pedometers, LIT250
  2. Receiving System
  3. Software, Legend Breed


1. Pedometers, LIT250

The Legend pedometer has the following features: 

  • Smallest tag in the market, weight only 2.65 ounces  
  • The only long range radio leg tag in the market  
  • On-heat detection and cow movement on the leg
  • Extremely reliable (completely sealed)
  • No IR lens
  • Teflon alike enclosure with simple strap attachment
  • No battery replacement 
  • 5 years progressive deductible warranty
    Gathers data from the cows in 7 minutes intervals
  • Real time telemetry


2. Receiving Components consist of antenna and data receiver

  • Different types of antennas are available.
  • Receiver 433.932MHz ISM band. Transmit high-resolution data on activity
  • Connection box between receiver and computer

3. Legend Software, legendbreed

The Legend software legendmilk is a user-friendly tool that provides information by reports or graphs formats for analysis.
The software provides easy-to-view graphs and reports on activity and milking data