Manure Handling

Legend Vacuum Cleaner for Manure is an optimal choice for alley cleaning in all weather condition.

Legend Vacuum Tank has the following benefit:

- Water conservation - No large quantity of flushing is required。

- Suitable for different size of barn

- Decrease in flies, odors and increase in herd health and production.

- Lower transportation and processing costs with the high solids content

Feature of Legend Vacuum Cleaner:

- P.T.O. Driven

- Tank capacity 9 cubic meter

- Designed to handle manure with density of 1-1.1kg/dm3

- Sucking-cutting unit with capacity of 300 m3/h

- 2 x 600/50 R22.5 tires

- Pneumatic brake

- Liquid liquid-cooled pump with 14000 l/min free air