Milking Cluster

Legend has a large range of milking claws to suit the need of different farm's size and operation.


Conan Claw

The Conan Claw has a volume of 480 ml, and is designed ergonomically for easy handling and operation.  The unit is designed to fit nicely in the hand of the operator. Quick removal of the milk without restriction to milk flow.


Barril LB320 claw

Our heavy duty stainless claw for milking around the clock. There are no moving parts, available only together with cup remover option.


Sanbai claw, 300cc

For small and medium installations. A very good economic solution.

Legend Silicone Liners

  • Long life 10.000 Milkings
  • Comes with plastic teat cup.
  • Unique design for all  types of teats.
  • Very gentle to the cow
  • Better udder health