Milking Management

Legend Dairy Management System is a powerful tool for farmers to manage the daily operation and their herds efficiently and effectively.  It provides reports and graphs for farmers to make analysis and act timely. With Legend Dairy Management System, different types of identification systems are available with either pedometer LRP720 or ID tag LIT30.

LM50 Milkmeter

Main features of LM50:

  •   Milk indicator with conductivity with a variance of 5%, under optimal environment and herd condition.
  •    Speed and ratio adjustments for pulsators via panel keyboard directly.
  •   Manual or automatic initial stimulation during 20 seconds with dual pulsation. 
  •   Control Take-off, ajdust time delays 
  •   Automatic gate control  
  •   Swing-arm control
  •   Easy to program, via panel keyboard or computer


LM30 displays the following parameters.  An alarm will sound if one of the parameters deviates from the pre-set valve. 

  •   Cow number (when using ID)
  •   Low milk production
  •   Low Milk flow
  •   High conductivity 
  •   Hight milk temperture
  •   Low water temperature during cleaning
  •   Kick off 

Legend Dairy Management System provides many different reports and graphs for analysis:

Milk production analysis:

  • By individual cow, group or herd level
  • By session, by day and average over 10 days
  • Show yield, milking duration, milk temperature, and conductivity per cow
  • Data comparison between herd groups, historical data and other parameters.
  • Total lactation and total production.