Total Mixed Rations (TMR) is defined as “the balancing and combining of all feeds into one complete ration”. Many farmers today are utilizing this TMR system and seeing the benefits behind it.

Advantages of having TMR Systems:

- All forages, grains, minerals, vitamins and protein supplements are mixed together so that the dairy cow receives its required amount of nutrition.

- Having a complete ration provides a balanced diet and the proper nutrients for the grouped cows. Cows are unable to choose among their feed stuff.

  • - A TMR system stabilizes the rumen function.
  • - Optimization of labour and feed distribution time.
  • - Milk production is more uniform when cows are grouped.

Legend vertical mixer wagons are available in either towed or stationery models. The models are available in various sizes  from 4 to 34 m3 to suit different needs.


- Durable and solid construction
- Chrome vanadium knifes  provide an efficient cut and precise particle size for wet and long
- 2 adjustable counter knifes are installed on the Mixer´s wall for cutting long Straw and bales.
- The Screw  Augers are designed to mix ingredients quickly and efficiently
- A strong magnet catch small metal objets
- 2 Speed gearbox can mix small batch efficiently and Mixing. It  can be started with full load on low speed and with low HP.
- Adjustable discharge.
All Legend mixer wagons are equipped with weight-scale EZ 2400 or as an option EZ3400

EZ2400V Scale
- Extra large display for increased visibility
- Total load, accumulated weight, and average weight
- Hold key to “freeze” the display when moving the Mixer
- Features an Alarm