Legend parallel milking system is an efficient way of milking large herds. It provides precise and quick cow positioning.  As the operator has easy access to the udder between the cow’s legs, the milking unit attachment is very efficient.

Our parallel stall construction:

  •  90º side-by-side parallel stall construction provides shortest distance between each milking point. 
  •  Heavy duty hot-dip galvanized or SS stall construction, designed to last. 
  •  Wide cow walkways from entrance to milking stalls.
  •  air controlled sliding entrance gates 
  •  Stainless steel manure gutter and pit edge make cleaning easy
  •  Equipped with air controlled indexing system as standard, which moves the cows closer to the operator for easier attachment.

Options to the our parallel system: 

  • Basement (one or two tunnels) installation. 
  • Gang exit where cows of 4 or 5 are released as a group.
  • Deck flush nozzles for easy and efficient floor cleaning.

The Legend parlours are offered with: 

  • Various levels of automation
  • Herd management system 
  • Cow Identification system