Our pulsators are designed for rapid, complete and uniform milking. It is a precise and reliable key component in the milking system. It is designed to minimize vacuum consumption and ensure excellent vacuum stability. 

Electronic Pulsator LEP30

  • Preferably used with central  air filtration.
  • Adjustable pulsation
  • Designed to minimize vaccum consumption and ensuring excellent vacuum stability
  • Completely sealed to ensure total protection against external moisture and water
  • Quick and easy to service.

Electronic Pulsator LPC330
The LPC330 works as an electronic pulsator or electronic control valve for take-off.

  • Easy to install and take away from the vacuum line
  • The only part to be changed are pistons which can be replaced by the farmer easily.
  • Pistons to be changed every 1,500 hours.

Legend Master Controller LMC24
Legend Master Controller LMC24 for Legend pulsators, with incorporated transformer 220v – 50 Hz.
Connects up to 24 pulsators, 6 in 4 zones 

Air Pulsator LAP20

  • Pulsation rate adjustable 50 - 180 rpm
  • User- selectable ratio of 50:50, 60:40, 65:35 or 70:30
  • Impemeable and long life diaphragms
  • Stainless steel cover and robust body structure, designed for for easy cleaning and durability.