Small Milking equipment


Fixed and Portable Small milking equipment

The Legend fixed and portable small milking equipment is an economical choice for farmers with small herds. They are simple and easy to operate. It is also a cost effective equipment to use in maternity or hospital barn for medium size herd. 

The equipment has the following characteristics:

  • Stainless steel trolley with extra large wheels for the portable equipment.
  • Stainless steel vacuum tank designed with optimum to enable steady vacuum level
  • Vacuum pumps with a capacity of 360 litres/min for fixed and portable and 900 for large fixed  equipment.
  • 100 mm Vacuum gauge and vacuum regulator
  • Pulsator with ratio of 60/40 as standard
  • Milk claw with 300 cc. for high producing cows.
  • Liners, milk and air tubes are of very high quality and compiled to international standard.
  • Choice of 25 or 40 litres stainless steel churns.